To Double Down Or Not To Double Down? That Is The Question…

Where were you on October 18th?

Well I know where Mike Beauvais was. Standing in line at KFC eagerly awaiting his very first Double Down.

The Double down is a bread-less chicken sandwich. You might be asking yourself, what happened to the bun? Fear not, the bun has been replaced with two pieces of fried chicken. OH YUM

Previously unavailable in Canada, October 18th marked the day that the Double Down made it’s glorious return to Canada. Double Down lovers no longer have to flock to the United States to over dose on sodium (the Double Down contains 1740mg of sodium).

This might explain Beauvais reaction upon trying his first Double Down “It’s overwhelmingly salty!” he said.

Those who want to try this salty wonder better be quick about it, the Double Down is only available in Canada for a limited time.

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