Breakfast Of Champions

Breakfast is hands down my favourite meal of the day. I’m the kind of person who can and sometimes does have cereal for dinner.

Don’t even get me started on brunch. Which I usually prepare in my robe. And yes it’s pink terry cloth.


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Have You Met My New Best Friend?

Mmmmmm. Creme fraiche. So good.

What is it you ask? Cream. It’s a cross between sour cream and heavy cream. So many possibilities, sweet or savoury.

So far my favourite thing to do with it is put some in a dish, toss in some fresh fruit and drizzle with honey. Oh and wait for the heart attack of pleasure to hit you.

Did I mention that it has a fat content in the neighbourhood of 35%…. So worth it!!

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The King Of My Kitchen

I have definite ideas when it comes to toasters. In my world, the toaster oven is king. Hands down. The traditional toaster has never caused me anything but grief. What if I want to toast a really thick bagel, or a bun? You can forget about toasting egg bread, which goes from perfect to charcoal in no time.

When I was growing up we always had toaster ovens. Then one day the family toaster oven died. Much to my horror it was replaced by the pop-up variety. Eventually it was replaced by another toaster oven, but I’ve never quite recovered from the experience.

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To Double Down Or Not To Double Down? That Is The Question…

Where were you on October 18th?

Well I know where Mike Beauvais was. Standing in line at KFC eagerly awaiting his very first Double Down.

The Double down is a bread-less chicken sandwich. You might be asking yourself, what happened to the bun? Fear not, the bun has been replaced with two pieces of fried chicken. OH YUM

Previously unavailable in Canada, October 18th marked the day that the Double Down made it’s glorious return to Canada. Double Down lovers no longer have to flock to the United States to over dose on sodium (the Double Down contains 1740mg of sodium).

This might explain Beauvais reaction upon trying his first Double Down “It’s overwhelmingly salty!” he said.

Those who want to try this salty wonder better be quick about it, the Double Down is only available in Canada for a limited time.

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Perfect Rainy Day Snack


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Green With Envy

Tonight’s dinner was green curry, one of my all time favourites. Much to my disappointment green curry is not terribly photogenic. At least not the kind that I made. In my defence, it was really good. Then again I’ll eat just about anything if the main ingredient is coconut milk.

I’m sad to say that Jen does not like curry. But I did get her to smell it, a small victory.

Her reaction: “It smells like curry.”

My response: “Yeah, it’s curry.”

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Sunday Dinner

Whenever I get the chance I like to make a nice Sunday dinner that both Jen and I can eat. This is a challenge. I live for white bread and Jen can only have whole wheat/grain. I love all cheese and Jen may be lactose intolerant, the jury is still out on that one. You get the idea.

I really thought I had scored with this one. I truly thought it was Jen-friendly. I even checked the ingredient lists on the spices. Roasted chicken and a salad (Jen’s was goat cheese free), safe, right????


I made one fatal mistake, a careless afterthought really.

I dusted the chicken with white flour to make it extra crispy.

Epic Failure.

Let’s just hope that if I ever have children they don’t have allergies.

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